I’m so thrilled to collaborate with all of you for The Inner Illumination Summit ~ Season 6!

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Here we go!

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Aaran Solh https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/asolh
Adrienne Glasser https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/aglasser
Rev. Aliah MaJon PhD https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/amajon
Annemarie Shrouder
Bay Love https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/blove
Bill Attride https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/battride
Britta Dubbels https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/bdubbels
Carol Look https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/clook
Dr. Carol Penn https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/cpenn
Debra Poneman https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/dponeman
Ester Nicholson https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/enicholson
Gabrielli LaChiara & Chloë Faith Urban https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/glachiara
Gina LaRoche & Jennifer Cohen https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/sevenstones
Jocelyn Mercado https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/jmercado
Kelley Harrell https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/kharrell
Kelly Blaser https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/kblaser
Mahdi Davenport https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/mdavenport
Dr. Matthew Fox https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/mfox
Miranda Dreyer https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/mdreyer
Paul Levy https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/plevy
Dr. Richard Schwartz https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/rschwartz
Shamini Jain, PhD https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/sjain
Dr. Sue Morter https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/smorter
Taja Will https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/twill
Terry Morgan https://ua324.isrefer.com/go/iis2021/tmorgan




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